From 29p per box per month

Secure storage of vital records can be of immense importance to businesses and Rapide have developed systems to manage your documents for you.

Our experienced staff will collect your documents and each box is uniquely identified with a barcoded label. These barcodes enable us to not only track all movements of your documents but also to retain an audit trail of these movements.

Satellite tracking of our vehicles means that we know where they are at all times. Our premises are protected by fire and intruder alarms as well as CCTV and your documents are stored under controlled conditions to keep them in pristine condition.

Our Scan Box software gives you the ability to know exactly what you have in store together with the retention schedules for every document. As items come to the end of their life-cycle, you can be automatically alerted and authorise their secure destruction via our in-house service.

Our barcode systems will ensure that each box of documents is monitored and dealt with in the appropriate way.

Document retrieval can be easily achieved either by return of the original documents or via our one-hour scan on demand service which returns a scanned image directly to your desktop within one hour of request.

For more information call 0800 043 1141 or go to our information page.